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LUX by LuxBox Case zara-white-coat-fur-sleeves_zps7wagtaqs Bulgaria Local | Martina Manolcheva   Fashion blogger, Martina Manolcheva inspires to travel the world, however she lives in one of the most beautiful travel destinations you could want to see! Bulgaria is a destination that is becoming increasing popular for tourist around the world. The European country currently averages about 84,000 tourist each year. There are many beautiful sites to visit in the city, but take it from a local Bulgarian, these spots are definitely not ones to skip out on!

Grab a quick, healthy meal:  I’m quite basic when it comes to restaurants, I usually go to the most popular ones in the city. There’s one place in Sofia which I adore it’s called “Confetti”, but can’t say I’m going there for the healthiest meals, I mean they have the best Italian ice cream, pizza and Caesar salad- my favorite. I’m also a big fan of sushi and I often visit sushi places.LUX by LuxBox Case 39456354348240b07e56c17b9c2fa30f7743-800x345 Bulgaria Local | Martina Manolcheva

Workout outdoors:  When I’m in my hometown Plovdiv, I like to go to the regatta venue, it’s great for jogging.LUX by LuxBox Case 06-01-2014-2 Bulgaria Local | Martina Manolcheva

Enjoy nature: The 7 Rila Lakes. This beautiful site is situated between the Rila Mountains. They are considered the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria.LUX by LuxBox Case the-7-rila-lakes-800x447 Bulgaria Local | Martina Manolcheva

See art: National Art Gallery in Sofia. This is a great place to check a lot of the history of Bulgaria. The art tells the Bulgarian story in the most interesting way!LUX by LuxBox Case national_art_gallery_sofia_bulgaria_2-600x200-800x503 Bulgaria Local | Martina Manolcheva