Dress the Best | Martin Salomon

Photographer and fashion blogger Martin Salomon has a passion for fashion. He loves to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Through his blog, Martin shows others how to put together timeless looks. Salomon’ secret? Knowing the best places to shop. Here, Martin shares his favorite stores to put together his unique looks.
Now that cooler weather has come about, it’s time to break out the jackets. You can’t go wrong with a stylish leather jacket. Leather jackets are both universal and timeless. Martin suggests visiting Acne Studios for a good Leather Jacket.

Another winter must is a good pair of Chelsea boots. Great for both men and women, the Chelsea boot is definitely a necessity in everyone’s closet. Some places Martin suggest to find good quality boots are Saint Laurent, Topman, Zara, or Aldo ( All depends on the budget).

Looking to dress it up a bit? Martin suggests that it’s always useful to have a quality suit handy. Topman is a great store to find a good suit.

When you’re not looking for anything specific, Martin suggests taking a trip to Zara. Zara is good for everything. You can find anything there!

Lastly everyone needs a great pair of jeans or two. Jeans are good because you can dress them up or down for any occasion. Martin says, Calvin Klein for obvious reasons is the place to go!