Explore NYC| Elle Sanchez

The busy streets of NYC have a lot to offer. Fashion blogger Elle Sanchez knows the scene very well. Not only does she use to city as a backdrop for her amazing visual interpretation, but she always calls NYC home. There’s so much to do in New York, so we asked Elle to let us in on some of her favorite local spots!LUX by LuxBox Case timessquare-800x800 Explore NYC| Elle Sanchez

Grab a quick, healthy meal?

Honestly I never really eat outside of my house; I always bring a lunchbox and make my own lunch from home or bring fruits and veggies. Same goes with having a cup of tea or coffee, I don’t drink coffee and I have so much tea at home that I bring in a bottle. I’m a minimalist, so I spend the least amount of money as possible when I go out.


Workout outdoors?

Honestly…I don’t work out, haha, I really should, and I keep telling myself this, but I don’t. I think walking around in NYC is my workout, because after class, I simply walk everywhere. I try not to take the train, bus and I’ve never paid for a car. I don’t seen the need if I’m not in a rush.LUX by LuxBox Case flat,1000x1000,075,f Explore NYC| Elle Sanchez

Enjoy nature?

I live about 45 minutes to an hour from NYC upstate, so there’s a lot of beautiful scenery around me and a ton of local parks, so I love taking the time to walk around, go hiking nearby and enjoy the views! It’s great because I don’t have to spend a dime and I have the best views walking distance from my own home.LUX by LuxBox Case 6357382247250273841637395828_Albany.imgopt1000x70 Explore NYC| Elle Sanchez

See art?

Because I go to school in NYC, I get to see a lot of museums for free, and my favorite is MOMA. I love to be able to go there after class and view the art there. Art in all forms is a huge part of my life.LUX by LuxBox Case 603297ffd19c41349f30b85e0d4b1dcb Explore NYC| Elle Sanchez