Fashion Do’s and Don’ts | Alice Rolf-Chin

Alice Rolf-Chin

Alice Rolf-Chin is a fashion enthusiast. She is involved in throughout many aspects of the fashion industry. Alice has offered her expertise, giving us her list of top do’s and don’t’s.

Alice rolf chin


Do– Choose high quality clothing items even if they are a little more expensive.

Don’t– Buy loads of poorly made clothing just because they are cheap.

Do– Follow trends and add your own twist. Let your originality shine.


Alice rolf-Chin


Don’t– Buy outfits off mannequins, or try to be so-and-so celebrity. Find your own style. Less is definitely more.

Do– Shop at stores such as TJ Maxx or Ebay. You can find luxury items with prices up to %80 off!

Don’t– Cover your outfit with too many accessories. Also keep away from too many colors and too much bling. It’s not emphasizing the clothing’s great qualities or hiding their bad ones.


Alice rolf-Chin


Do– Be sure to have classics like a great, high quality pair of leather sneakers, a pump, and ankle boot.

Don’t– Buy 10 pairs of poorly made shoes. Not only will they look bad, but also they will be painful to wear.


alice rolf-chin