Fashion Staples for Men | Jean Cozier

Jean Cozier has become popular in the digital media for his creativity and style. He uses his influence to inspire others to take care of themselves. He often shares his favorite tips and displays his personal style to provide an example for men everywhere.


So here at Lux, we couldn’t wait to find out some of the best tips for men to stay trendy, stylish and polished. We asked him to dish out some advice on what he feels every man should have in their closet. Here’s his list of top 5 men’s fashion staples.


  1. A watch:  it’s something that always stands out
  2. Black and brown pair of shoes: this is a must, it’s just required of a man period.
  3. At least 3 suits: lets you be a little creative and you’re able to mix and match and wear with Jeans
  4. Glasses:  because you got to always look cool.
  5. And a good pair of denim: every man needs a solid pair of jeans