From Man to Man| Devin McGovern

Fashion blogger Devin McGovern definitely knows a thing or two about developing personal style. For all the men out there looking to update their look, Devin is the guy to follow. His primary focus is on casual menswear that is functional and fashionable. It is not easy for men to style themselves in casual wear that they can both work in and look good in, but Devin believe you can work hard in your clothes and have them still look good on you. Here are a few simple tips to help any man revamp, refresh and revitalize!

  1. Find out what your style is and start following everyone in your style category. Menswear has many different angles from streetwear, to heritage and denim to fitness. So first find your style and follow all of them. Then I would suggest following brands you currently wear and the ones you want to one day work with.
  2. Ralph Lauren has been a staple for years in the industry. But, there are so many small boutique designers doing great work. From SoCal denim brand, Freenote Cloth and Matias Denim to San Diego bag makers Bradley Mountain and Boulder bootmakers Truman boot. Explore new brands and get the most bangs for your buck. These guys do their work with half the amount of money, but doing it in the USA and doing it with love.
  3. Devin recently has fallen in love with vintage watches. The fact that these timepieces have been passed down generations and they hold their value, make this accessory unlike any on the market.
  4. The best way to incorporate functional and fashionable pieces to your wardrobe is by starting with a solid pair of denim. When you purchase your denim, make sure to get the right size and buy it raw. Buying raw denim will help your jeans mold to your body over time. When buying raw, buy them tight because they will expand and stretch over time. You can then mix and match a variety of pieces with your new denim, from a heavy duty waxed canvas jacket, to a twill work shirt to a classic white tee.