Lithuania Local

Lithuania is a small country just off the edge of Europe. It has an amazing history and culture. It is a great place to travel if you are looking to taking a trip. Lithuania is full of fun and adventure. The country brings in about 2 million tourist each year and that number continues to increase. There are many great places to visit in Lithuania. Lithuanian native and fashion blogger Ruslan K. Gives us his favorite spots that you must visit when you travel there!

Looking to grab a quick, healthy meal?

Ruslan’s suggestion is to go out for sushi at Sushi City! Quick, easy, healthy and it taste fantastic!

Workout outdoors?

Lithuania is a great place to participate in outdoorsy activities. There are a lot of wooded areas. This makes the forests great locations for outdoor activities and workouts such as hiking and camping.

Want to get out and enjoy nature?

Ruslan suggests taking a trip to “Pauksciu Takas.” It’s the best place to enjoy nature!

See art?

Art is a great way to learn more about the history and culture of a country. Ruslan suggests visiting the Nacionaline Dailes Galerij. It is filled with amazing art work and tells a lot about the country of Lithuania.

Have a cup of tea or coffee?

Ruslan’s suggestion is going to the VERO CAFÉ. You get a good variety of options there. The coffee also taste very good!