Look No Further!

Fashion advice. It’s something everyone needs every now and then, yet it’s hard to find good advice. Today, however, you won’t have to look too far. 5 great fashion bloggers have offered us some of their best fashion tips. Check them out!


Fit is key. Find the styles that look most flattering on you and then accessorize to make them your own.  – Esther Santer

Style is such a personal thing. You just have to dress how you feel but if you learn how to dress in proportion, then your outfit is going to look a little bit more extra & that can make all the difference. -Shannon Valle

It’s one thing to get inspiration from people and it’s another to copy. I think doing simple research on different styles throughout history and altering them is a fun neat way to create, like for example I’d go out in a thick blanket in the wintertime and people would look at me like I’m crazy, because I’m different, but the feeling is just too good to pass up, just to be comfortable and confident and not care about the negative responses. -Elle Sanchez

Just wear whatever you like. Wear something that make you feel comfortable. -Daniel Poon

Go with a friend to your favorite store and try on at least 10 different styles. See which pieces look best on you and which make you feel most confident. Ask your friend’s opinion and even have her snap some photos. Once you figure out what looks best, start shopping with those styles in mind. -Esther Santer

Style is really just about being comfortable with what you’re wearing, and it makes your feel comfortable in your skin no matter what body type you are. Throwing different pieces of clothing together and playing around with different looks really helps express your creativity and I think everyone should try it out. – Elle Sanchez

The best way to incorporate functional and fashionable pieces to your wardrobe is by starting with a solid pair of denim. When you purchase your denim, make sure to get the right size and buy it raw. Buying raw denim, will help your jeans mold to your body over time. When buying raw, buy them tight because they will expand and stretch over time. You can then mix and match a variety of pieces with your new denim, from a heavy duty waxed canvas jacket, to a twill work shirt to a classic white tee. -Devin McGovern