Remember the Time

That moment when we were bit by the fashion bug is a moment that we’ll probably never forget. For some, the rush came early on in life. Fashion has been a passion for as long as they can remember. For others, it came later on in life via other hobbies that go side by side with fashion. However, no matter when the passion struck, you can ask any fashion expert and they can tell you their defining moments. Check out how these bloggers first discovered their love of fashion!

Since I can walk i guess. When I was a kid, I used to dress up with the clothes of my mum and even high heels and do some fashion runway inside of my living room, just to make my family laugh. -Daniela Correia

I think the creative outlet was what lead me to blogging. The fun I’ve had and the ability to connect with other like-minded women is what has made me stay.- Amy Ann

As far as I can remember I’ve always been pretty passionate about fashion and style. But I remember discovering GQ when I was about 12 and wanting to dress like the guys in the magazine. That was the point when my mother realized she wasn’t going to be able to pick out clothes for her little boy anymore. -Barnette Holston

Although I have always loved fashion and style, my journey started about 5 years ago with the start of my brand, peach & pepper apparel. I actually started out designing jersey-knit reversible leg warmers for barre and pilates type workouts (saw a need for an alternative to the traditional sweater-knit ones that were hot and not washable), then added scarves and kimonos and grew from there into designing small collections. It wasn’t until a friend suggested I start modeling my own designs and then having a couple of companies contact me to wear their clothing that I considered fashion blogging. -Alison Ruchaber

I began this journey with an Instagram account dedicated to makeup. I started by posting looks every day and new products that were totally worth the splurge.  I began getting questions about my clothing and lifestyle products.  That is when I decided it would be easier to bring it full circle and have a corner of the internet dedicated to my take on beauty and fashion.  I knew nothing about blogging so it took a few months for me to get the hang of it and I’m still learning every single day. -Tanner Mann