Word of Advice | Linoya Friedman

It is said that the average adult makes about 35,000 concious decions through the course of a day. These decisions range from small things such as what to wear or larger events such as planning a family vacation. Life is full of choices and we all set out to make the the right ones! Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Linoya Friedman, has offered us some helpful tips to make life’s decisions a little easier regarding fashion, travels, and work.


Styling Tips

Stay true to yourself and to your own style. Dont follow trends just because they are in. Be who you are and learn how to dress like it!

Linoya Friedman


If you ever feel lost about your sense of style, just follow the latest word from fashion bloggers. We are here for a reason, and it is to inspire you. You can find entire worlds in fashion blogs and you can surely buy a new wardrobe.

Linoya Friedman

Traveling Tips

If you like a certain location, dont be afraid to go back there often. It is important to explore new places, but if there is one special place in your heart it is ok to keep going back.

Linoya Friedman

Working Tips

Learn to have patience, because [a] career does not happen overnight.

Study hard, whether it is actual studying or working, and leave your hobby for your free time.

Linoya Friedman



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I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and I post mostly on my personal blog (www.fashionismyaccent.com) and instagram (@linoya). Every day, I see comments that say I inspire people, and this is my ultimate goal. Eventually, I would like people to turn to my blog and social media for fashion and lifestyle advice, whether it is how to dress or where to go.” -Linoya Friedman