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We often mention that Instagram is a great place to seek a little inspiration for your style! But sometime it can be difficult to find the right accounts. Well…for all the men out there, Joseph Lucido (who is a amazing source of inspiration himself) has shared a list of his favorite instagram accounts. Each of these accounts offer a unique perspective on men’s fashion and will sure to spark up your own creativity.  Check out the list below!


@MotiAnkari: Also referred to as The Metro Man, Moti has a fun, spunky style. If you are looking to mix in some great patterns, colors and designs, he’s a great example of what to do. His style is inspiring for those looking to take more risks in fashion!LUX by LuxBox Case 35264183_1825927481049086_5939493793848885248_n Follow For Fashion

@ MarcelFloruss: Marcel Floruss is looking to meet us on Dapper Street! His style is a new rendition on what it means to be classic. Forget the plain black and white tuxes and learn how to be just a dapper in a new fun way. His style is inspiring for those looking to keep it classy but still have some fashion fun!LUX by LuxBox Case 35490806_960078644202376_2049806857509273600_n Follow For Fashion

@IAmGalla: Galla’s style is sort of like the name, so simple, yet so complex! Keeping this relatively simple and clean, his style still has its own way of standing out. He has an attraction to earthy colors and tones, but it is the actual pieces of clothing that he pairs together that gives in an exciting appeal. His style is inspiring to those who may not be willing to jump right into playing with loud colors and patterns, but would rather keep it sexy and smooth!LUX by LuxBox Case 34460649_182277109119646_8627142615239753728_n Follow For Fashion

@ToniMahfud: When art and creativity is translated into fashion, you get Toni Mahfud. His style is sexy with a little edge. He would be what i refer to as “The Bad Boy Style” of the group. He plays with very dark color palettes and usually focuses more on casual wear, but has no problem switching it up to something a little more fancy. His style is inspiring for those looking to add a little more edge to their look!LUX by LuxBox Case 32382413_166128427392091_7130205719260823552_n Follow For Fashion