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New York

LUX by LuxBox Case newyork-800x800 New York Local | Martin Salomon  New York! The city that never sleeps. There’s so much to do while in New York. It can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the typical tourist attractions. However New York has so much more to offer. New York local and fashion blogger and photographer, Martin Salomon Jr. has given us his top place you must go while in New York. Whether you are a tourist or live in the great city itself, you must check out these places!

Looking to grab a quick, healthy meal? Greecologies is the place to go. Gourmet yogurt topped with the best of toppings. While yogurt is the specialty here, they have many other delicious and healthy options. They range from salads, to sandwiches and even healthy desserts. Greecologies is a definite must go!LUX by LuxBox Case Greecologies_9-1200x801-800x534 New York Local | Martin Salomon

Looking for a place to enjoy some outdoor workouts? Hudson River Park is the place to do so. You can enjoy a variety of activities here. You can do typical things like bike riding or yoga in the park. Or you can take a walk on the adventurous side. Enjoy kayaking or even trapeze in the park. There is definitely something for everyone here!LUX by LuxBox Case hudson-river-park New York Local | Martin Salomon

Looking to enjoy nature in New York ? The Mall, Central Park is the place to go. Originally designed to  accommodate carriage ride, The Mall is surrounded by natural beauty. The plat life is beautiful and has been strategically designed to enhance the beauty of the place.LUX by LuxBox Case central-park-800x489 New York Local | Martin Salomon


Looking to see art? The Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA is the place to go. MoMA features many different contemporary artists. The exhibits are exquisite. The modern interpretations of art are sure ot catch your eyes whether you are an art lover or just looking to try something new.LUX by LuxBox Case moma-800x450 New York Local | Martin Salomon