LuxBox Case ZERO


the NEXT generation of LuxBox Case

An amazing thing happens when you Subtract the Unnecessary
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It’s time to stop suffocating your iPhone in those big, bulky cases.


With Lux Box case, you’ll finally have a stylish case that ACTUALLY protects your phone.


There’s no need to debate between style and protection – purchasing this case is a two-for-one package deal!


The iPhone has a naturally sleek and streamlined design. Shouldn’t the case that protects your phone be just as innovative and cutting edge?


We think so…. Actually, scratch that – we know so.


Your phone deserves to travel in style! The Lux Box Case edge provides a polished finish that will accentuate your everyday look.


LuxBox Case ZERO is the modern minimal iphone case that thoughtfully strips away everything that’s unnecessary and leaves you with more


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