Easy Timeless Style – Jeremy Mitchell

Jeremy Mitchell is a fashion photographer that has turned the camera back on himself and shone a light on his own unique and wonderfully curated style. His look is one that has a lot of vintage inspiration but is so cleverly timeless that it looks suave and stylish no matter what the year on the calendar is.

Like so many fashion industry pros, Jeremy lives in and is based out of New York City. The city provides innumerable opportunities for contextual backdrops and lively sceneries.

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“I love how every corner in NY gives you something different. It can be anything from food to culture, even the energy.”

– Jeremy Mitchell

When you follow Jeremy you can see that he isn’t pigeon-holing himself into any specific menswear category like suits, streetwear, casual, etc…

His style is one that flexes from casual to what would be suitable for a boardroom but always with a little something extra that makes you take a second look.

“You have to take risks to move forward.”

– Jeremy Mitchell

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That Modern Man Style with Steven Onoja

“Fashion is a form of expression for me,”

– Steven Onoja

Steven Onoja is a style influencer and visual storyteller that uses his keen style eye and aesthetic to tell visual stories. Starting out as a mission to elevate the IG menswear fashion to another level with timeless looks and classic styles… Of course in today’s world of big brand social media influencers, Steven is telling a lot of brand stories through his personal style expression.

Born in Nigeria and moving to NYC, Steven says “It was difficult to leave the place where I grew up and considered my home, but I felt ready for a new challenge. New York in America was the right place and I moved to Brooklyn. Here I learned a lot because I understood that I needed to adapt to be competitive in a new country. Switching mentality was fundamental to keep expressing myself and New York helped me to do exactly that.”

If you follow Steven you’ll see a very restrained but beautifully minimal style palate that emphasizes timeless colors like black, white, and grey tones.

Steven describes his look as, “easy and elegant at the same time.”


Oh yeah, hats are a BIG part of Steven’s look

Style can involve a deep and more intimate perspective – like outwardly presenting your own vision of who you are.

– Steven Onoja

“I’m Grateful to God and feeling very blessed to have made it this far and grateful for all the people I’ve met in the process, both blessing and lessons.”

– Steven Onoja

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Catch Her

Catch Her

Fashion industry expert & model Thania Peck is the creator of the popular blog, ‘Catcher in the Style’ as well as a fashion director.

Life of Fashion

Thania has had a lifelong passion for the fashion industry. Starting off as a model worked in the fashion industry from a young age. Thania became intrigued by the production of fashion shows. “Every show that I’ve ever been to was an artistic piece.” She took interest in every aspect of putting a show together. From the designers that created the clothes to the make-up and hair stylist that tied the look all together, she loved it all. But, it wasn’t until she actually attended her first show as a member of the audience that she experienced the artistic production of the show. “My first show was a Tommy Hilfiger event. It was so inspiring…Watching the trends was so dynamic, “ Thania recalls. This inspiration is what allowed Thania to view fashion in a different light.

While Thania knew she would always work in fashion, blogging didn’t come along for her until about three years ago. One day, Thania had a creative director ask her opinion on a few pieces of a new collection. After she gave her detailed opinion, Thania realized she had a knack for explaining trends. That’s when she decided she should share her opinions with the world and began the process of launching her blog, ‘Catch Her Style.’

Giving Back

Fashion isn’t Thania’s only passion. She also has a heavy interest in working with charities. Often time she uses photos on her blog to create a message for the charities. She uses her blog to promote many different charities. A couple of those charities are the Young and Brave Foundation and R-Ranch. She also pairs philanthropy with the various brand campaigns that she coordinates. “I want to use my status in the industry to make an impact in the world. It feels good to help people,” Thania says. She uses the events to gain more exposure for the charities and donates a portion of the proceeds to them as well.

Blogging Style

Thania blogs about the newest fashion trends that interest her. She usually focuses on on the cutting edge of where the industry is going. The blogosphere is fast paced and it allows people to share new trends at a rapid pace. Thania says this is in part because “we post trends at a fast pace, faster than magazines.” In addition to that, she uses her blog to display new trends in street style. This is what translates each particular piece from the market to the consumer.  “You get to see the product on real people of different body types.”

“As bloggers, we’re basically taking clothes and showing you how to style it,”

Sure, 6-foot models look pretty dashing in designer clothes on the runway, but it’s a lot easier to imagine yourself in an outfit when you can see it interpreted by someone who shares your unique tastes. “It’s all about the interpretation from market to consumer. Most people see clothes in a store and think ‘How would I wear that!?’ Im here to provide an answer to that question.”

Thania also gets to put a lot of her personality into the outfits she pieces together. She describes her personal style as edgy, chic, and tomboyish. All of that personality it is reflected through the outfits Thania styles. “Putting together outfits is like puzzle pieces,” Thania says. She also likes to add her favorite accessories to complete the look. Thania particularly loves shoes and hand bags. “If you have a perfect chic shoe and an iconic bag, that’s going to tie your outfit together.” Thania also expresses that one of the best parts of blogging is if you don’t like her particular style, there are many other bloggers you can view different styles from.

“My style isn’t for everyone,” says Thania. “But the great thing about fashion blogging is that I can pair a dress with combat boots while my friend pairs the same dress with a pair of heels! Two great looks, two different styles.”

What are some up and coming Fall fashion trends?

Velvet( Blazers and shoes)
Red and Blush Pink colors
Leather jackets over dresses
Over the knee boots
Suede skirts
Bomber jackets
Military inspired clothing
Embroidery on jeans and jackets
Re-done/Patched Jeans

What are your favorite topics to blog about?

Tips on Fashion
Interviews with stylist and stylish people

Thania Peck




Trend Setter| Francis Kenneth

Trend Setter| Francis Kenneth

Born and raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles, fashion influencer, Francis Kenneth, is bold, creative and doesn’t always play by the rules. Francis has had an affinity for fashion for as long as he can remember. Over time he has definitely learned a thing or two about style.He shares his knowledge of everything from fashion, travel, food and music with the world through his blog, ‘Francis Kenneth.’ Francis shows us that style is much more than what you wear.

“Style is reflected in the way you live.”

My lifestyle is a reflection of all the people, places, and things I’ve encountered, and I’d like to think that shows in how I present myself (both in the real and digital world).” Being raised in such a diverse city and having the opportunity to travel in the military, Francis has been exposed to a multitude of cultures to pull inspiration from. Francis pulls from those cultural experiences and pieces them together in any way he likes!

No Rules

Setting trends doesn’t come naturally to most. It takes a unique outlook, a personalized vision. You sort of have to think ahead of everyone. You have to live in a manner that’s beyond the time of your peers. “I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in any area of style or fashion, but I do have a knack for forecasting trends.” When it comes to creating trends, the number one rule seems to be, you shouldn’t always play by the rule book. This especially applies to the world of fashion.

Forget the rules, it can’t be calculated into percentages. Personal style will come naturally once you decide who you want to be and start living the lifestyle that you want, for better or worse,” Francis says.

Defiance is written all over Francis’ style! From his funky hats to the blending of formal and street-ware. Francis definitely dresses by his own rule! “I’ll let you in on a little secret: 90% of the time I wear hats is because I’m too lazy to do my hair. I prefer earth-toned wide-brimmed fedoras that aren’t flimsy. Stick to that, and you’ll find the right piece of headwear.” Besides hats, it’s not uncommon for you to catch Francis rocking ripped jeans with a buttoned down shirt and you can’t forget his infamous ties. His style has a certain spunk to it that gives his personal style his own stamp.


His rebelliousness goes beyond just his choices fashion. Rebellion to the status quo is a part of his lifestyle. Francis invest time and passion into a variety of area. Besides his love for fashion, Francis has an interest in music too. “Im working on putting out some new music and a video. I love both music and video, but have yet to really do anything with either.” Francis has also taken interest in tattoos and piercings. His arms and chest are dressed with amazing art work. Tattoos are yet another form of Francis’ expression of creativity.

In fact, Francis feels that it is important you let your style shine through in all aspects of life. “Sure, your outfit speaks volumes about you, but it will only get your foot in the door…After all, the impression you make on the world has more to do with who you are as a person and what you’ve accomplished. First impressions are overrated,” Francis explains. According to Francis, no one exemplifies this better than his idol, Pharrel Williams. “He’s a good example of iconic style on the inside and out.” It’s important to remember style is much more than just how you dress. “Figure out who you want to be. Look and sound the part.”

Francis Kenneth





Creative Foundation

Creative Foundation

Craig Steely explores the creative expression behind architecture.

The creative arts field is a huge industry. You have people that do everything from painting, drawing, music production, to fashion designing. But, one creative expression we often forget is the art of architecture. Ever just looked at a building design and explored the beauty of the structure? The aesthetic and the function is so personal. And each architect has their own style.

Craig Steely has been in the architecture field for many years. From an early age he knew he wanted to be an architect.  “I remember the moment it “gelled” for me.  I was around 14 and visiting the Sea Ranch community along the northern coast of California. I had spent the morning wandering around construction sites and sketching houses.  Back at the place we were staying I found an old Sunset magazine laying around and honestly it was probably the first time I ever realized there was a thing called an “architect”—something different from just building, more like thinking about the possibilities of building.”  Craig recalls.

“I remember thinking “I should do this, I could do this!”’

Designing Process

The creative process of designing building is much like that of designing fashion or creating music. You want it to have a certain appeal. You also want to invoke some of your own style through the structural design. Even though you have a client to please, creating a design is sort of like an extension of you. Craig, like many designers, has a sketch pad with models that he envisions in his head. Once a client becomes available he can then make modifications that incorporate the needs of his client.

Once the building comes to life, the finish product will still capture the essence and design of what he envisioned while remaining functional for the needs of his client. In comparison to fashion design, it’s sort of like the designer who creates a beautiful piece of clothing for a high profile celebrity. The celebrity requires alterations so things get modified to accommodate the wants and needs of the star. “It’s like solving a riddle. When I’m designing, in my mind I have “glimpses” of a finished project. Then at a certain point while designing, I begin to see the shapes come to life before my eyes,” Craig says.

The Client

Imagine you have the resources to build your dream home. You have this elaborate list of things you just have to have. Of course the typical person can’t just pull out the bricks and cement and build their home without any help. Your best bet is to find an architect. It’s important to find one that can relate to your style. It’s their job to take the vision you have in your head and put it before your eyes. That’s why the relationship between the architect and the client is so critical. “The clients become good friends.” Finished buildings come out so much better when the foundation of the building is the relationship developed between the architect and client.

“You should only work for clients you respect. Only do projects you can find something interesting in—be protective of your passion for what you do.”


Craig has done projects all over the world. In fact one of the aspects of his job that he finds most rewarding is the places that architecture has taken him. Some of his most rewarding projects have been located on the Hawaiian Islands.  “My Hawaii projects as a whole feel like a strong step towards an architecture that connects to nature in a contemporary way using contrast along with other more subtle ways of relating to the land than just the visual.”  He is inspired to create architecture that integrates technological advances to nature. Where better to find inspiration than in the beauty of nature. “Architecture is uniquely positioned to promote the understanding that technology and nature must co-exist together. For me it’s continuing the search in my projects for a balance between rustic camping and the feeling of the Farnsworth House.”

“Travel to experience great buildings.”

Who do you consider the classic icons in architecture?

I’m interested in the work of Paulo Mendes De Rocha in Brazil, particularly his houses from the 70’s. There is a roughness and purity to the forms and materials that create a sensuality to the spaces.

What books would you recommend?

Read everything!

Read the architect and writer Pierluigi Serriano. I don’t know anyone more versed and knowledgeable on the roots of California Modernism. He searches out the rare and obscure. And he has a visceral and deeply personal knowledge of it — tracking down buildings and befriending the surviving architects involved to get a deeper narrative. Read all of his books. They can be read on multiple levels— visually (they are always filled with great architecture photos), as historic architecture narrative, or about the personalities of the architects behind seminal buildings.

Modern design in architecture is often revered and misunderstood at the same time. Why do you think that people in America have such misunderstood feelings about modernism?

Perhaps the misunderstanding comes from experiencing poor or inappropriate examples of it. Or maybe it is because some people see the world changing too quickly and others want it to change faster. I think it comes down to those who look forward or only look backwards. To me it seems inappropriate to build with new technologies and materials in any other way.

Craig Steely



Ride in Style | Rachael Dickhute

Ride in Style | Rachael Dickhute

Style, travel, and motorcycles, Rachael Dickhute’s blog is definitely not one to go unnoticed. Rachael combines her years in the fashion industry along with her passion for travel and motorcycles in her successful blog, ‘Everything Hauler.’ Rachael has been running this blog for four years and as a pretty large following. Her unique combination of fashion and motorcycles not only makes this blog pretty badass, but it also makes it intriguing to a variety of audiences. “I worked in the fashion industry for years in the creative marketing fields. The blogging spun from that and evolves each year as I grow personally. Whether it’s my interests or style that expands, so does the site almost as if it were a living extension of myself,” Rachael says.

Her style

From a very young age, Rachael loved to explore and had loads of creativity. “ My father raised me on vinyl and my mother is an artist and avid reader. My family traveled often, military family, all over the world. I was exposed to culture early on which fed my thirst for education and mental expansion,” Rachael says. You can definitely see the inspiration from her childhood in her present style.

Rachael’s style is so eclectic yet so well put together at the same time. You get a vintage vibe with bohemian flare with a moto twist. She can also clean up nicely as well taking classiness to new levels.

My style evolves over time as my interests change. When I travel, I pick up on styles in the areas I visit. My favorite genre of music is classic rock, so depending on which songs put me into which moods, that’s what mostly fosters my style evolution,” Rachael says.


Rachael has an eye for fashion and a passion for motorcycles. “I believe the obsession with motorcycles came from listening to classic rock (ACDC, CCR, etc) my whole life. I decided I wanted to ride and reached out to a local Moto Club, the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club. They have organized group rides every third Sunday out of Venice beach, which I found on Facebook. I had already purchased my own gear so I just showed up and literally hopped on the back of one of their bikes,” Rachael explains. Now, a year later, Rachael owns her own  vintage Harley Sportster. She also rides with two local clubs and have made lifelong friends. “The style side of riding motorcycles is really just a perk! Can’t go wrong with denim and leather.”


Previously, Rachael worked in the marketing field of the fashion industry.  Her years of doing that left her with an extensive network. “I am the type of person that can have a lasting relationship with a brick wall if I wanted to. So I think with my social personality and eagerness to meet people, I have really fallen into some amazing opportunities,” Rachael says. Her personality and drive is what brings success to her blog. “I never falter with my ‘personal brand voice’, if you will. I noticed an increase in engagement the more genuine my writing is.”   Her personalization has been key to keeping viewers intrigued.  She adds her personal touches to each post by allowing her audience to gain insight on the things that inspire her the most. “I started to embed which song inspired my posts into the post themselves using Spotify. I was more interested in giving the music, art and inspiration behind my writing rather than telling people what was ‘in style’. I also noticed that the people that were engaging were actually reading the site, versus just peeking at the pictures. They would comment personal things like ‘I felt the same way when I listened to that song!’ or ‘I love that quote from Kerouac!’ That really made me love what I do,” Rachael says.

As for the future of Rachael’s brand, who knows what may be in store.  “I am more the type of person that lives day to day. Hopefully, I will be still riding my Harley and empowering women all over to do what they love and share it with the world,” Rachael says.  She would love to incorporate more of an empowerment movement along the way. “I feel with social media, existing body image issues and self-worth beginning to slide down a dangerous path of measuring self-worth. I would love to team up with others with an influence like myself and do something powerful toward good. It seems like a massive undertaking but I feel we have the platform, we’ve established a voice, now we need to do something greater with it,” Rachael says.

Rachael also wants to continue her travels around the world. “I’ve got tons of travel in my future and I am constantly brainstorming on how I can deliver higher quality collaborations with my efforts while working with brands.”

“ Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

Cross body bags have come in very handy now that I am riding motorcycles. They are the perfect size and won’t fall off my shoulder when riding. My Herschel backpack is also a key accessory. It’s my personal Mary Poppins bag, it fits everything!

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

Music. I can identify a song just two notes in. I memorize lyrics easily and go to live shows and concerts often.

Can you give me a tutorial on how people can best incorporate that style/fashion advice in their life?

The best way to incorporate style/trends into their life if the make it their own. Get inspired by others and then adjust it to fit your custom flare. I find myself getting outfit inspiration from other bloggers and then I change it to fit my personality and preference. That way I am comfortable and being unique and forward at the same time.

Rachael Dickhute




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